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The KILPIKONNA whippet fleece sweater in the truly special PUMPKIN color - nothing to add here: not orange, not neon, not mustard, not too bright, just imagine the perfect subtle pumpkin shade.  A perfect pop of color to make your whippet easy to spot; but also a stylish hue to match autumnal vibes - and maybe your Pumpkin Spice Latte.

This sweater is expertly designed and fitted to our beloved whippets' body:

  • Covers the butt!  By choosing the right length, your whippet is warm and fuzzy from the top of their head down all the way to their buttocks
  • Elasticated panel on the belly with a unique curved design - this ensures tucking the sweater up for a snug fit; and at the same time, it helps preventing pee-incidents, while the curve further accommodates the boys' anatomy
  • The armholes are finished with elastic stitching & are fitted with soft, thick edging to ensure that it does not cut into the sensitive skin even during speedy noodle zoomies and high activities
  • Extra long snood to keep extra warm!

Fleece naturally adapts to the body, which allows me to create a sweater that will take the individual shape of the whippet, without adding too many darts or curves, that may result in the sweater shifting around or rolling up, especially at high activities.  

While whippets generally have deep breasts and average length, I have found that they do come in all shapes and sizes: this is why I offer varied length across chest sizes.

To choose the right size and avoid exchanges, read our SIZING + FIT guide.

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