I developed unique sizing for DESERT HOUND based on my experience of whippets coming in all shapes and sizes.  



 Using a measuring tape, take 2+1 measurements of your whippet:

  1. Chest - at the widest part, right behind the front legs
  2. Length - measure from right at the base of the neck until the top of the tail

    +1 Neck - at the base of the neck, right where the neck and the back is connected

The focus in the DESERT HOUND size chart is on the chest and length measurement, the neck should be measured for a 'gut check'.  As long as you have a whippet, the neck size will correlate to the chest size and the garment will have a nice fit over the neck as well.



    Please do make sure to take accurate measurements and do not add extra centimetres - especially not to the length!  The garment will be ill fitting:  it will hang off the back and will not hug the buttocks area.  Defeats the purpose!

    +1: too long of a sweater + boy ≠ good mix.  I designed the length with special attention in mind to the boys' anatomy - as I also have a boy.  A too long sweater will not only be too long on the back, but also on the underside - there is no kangaroo pocket on the belly to house the p.e.e.



    The chest (and neck) measurements will correlate with the first digit of the sizing, and the length measurement with the second letter. 

    Neck Chest   \   Back  50 - 52 cm 53 - 55 cm
    31 - 32 cm 59 - 61 cm 2-M 2-L
    32 - 33 cm 62 - 64 cm 3-M 3-L



    When you put the sweater on your whippet right out the bag, you may find that it does not fit perfectly yet:  it may lay straight or stick out at the back, without hugging their behind.  Give the sweater a few minutes to soften up by their body heat, and voila:  the sweater should hug your your whippets curves like a glove.



    PUT IT ON:  roll the turtleneck up, so that you can swiftly put it over your whippet's head.  Then reach for one of their front legs through the matching armhole, helping guiding the leg through, which will also help in their nail not getting caught in the fabric.  Then repeat with the other leg.  At the end, fit the whole length of the sweater to their body.

    TAKE IT OFF:  I like to first pull the back of the sweater to the widest part of my whippet's chest, until just right behind the front legs.  Then grab the turtleneck and pull it over their head, in an 'outwards + downwards' motion, while helping rolling the gathered back of the garment over their heads as well.  Do not yank it, especially not in an upwards direction, as that can be uncomfortable to your whippet.

    After a few occasions your whippet will most possibly learn to lift their legs when putting on the garment, and to 'look down' when taking it off.