DESERT HOUND - born out of my passion to make the perfectly fitted sweater for Igor in beautiful neutral and earthy tones.

Call me boring, but I love those nice beiges!  Only recently I have ventured out and started experimenting with colors for Igor.  So if you are anything like me, you might be at the good place.  You will find whippet wear in the well-curated neutrals in the Earthy Tones & Nudes collection, and a carefully selected Pop of Color in the signature collection.

All items are handmade on a made-to-order basis in The Netherlands, only using the highest quality materials that I - and Igor + his friends - have put through rigorous testing through activity, use and washing.  I have developed the pattern myself and graded them to the different sizes - the most common whippet sizes I have encountered so far.  I currently offer 3 sizes with varied length across different chest sizes, to cater for whippets that may be tall with a deep chest but an average length, and to whippets that may be longer with an average heights and chest size.  I wish to expand this sizing range even further in the future. 

I am a one-woman team behind DESERT HOUND and working with a 14 days lead time from the day the order is placed.  I put an immense effort in preparing each garment with the highest quality and utmost attention, as I have been loving seeing Igor in the sweaters I made him more than 1 year ago still going strong.

I am excited to see DESERT HOUND on other whippets and I am hoping you will adore the garment just as much as I do!