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The BÄR whippet crop top in MOSS color - a special take on the everyday khaki!  MOSS has a yellow undertone with a deep, rich hue, truly setting it apart from the usual greens, khakis and olives.

The name should not fool you though, as this crop top is a truly versatile piece:  perfect number if the temperatures are higher, but you would still like to put a light layer on your whippet, to protect her from the unpredictable elements; or use it as an extra layer under coats and puffers, if your whippet is extra shivery during the freezing months!

  • The mock neck is a comfortable, ideal length for the purpose of versatility
  • The armholes are finished with elastic stitching & are fitted with soft, thick edging to ensure that it does not cut into the sensitive skin even during speedy noodle zoomies and high activities
  • Handmade from high quality anti-pilling fleece 

Fleece naturally adapts to the body, which allows me to create a sweater that will take the individual shape of the whippet, without adding too many darts or curves, that may result in the sweater shifting around or rolling up, especially at high activities.  

To choose the right size and avoid exchanges, read our SIZING + FIT guide.

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